What's new?

1. New layout.
The layout has been refreshed and new functionalities have been added.

2. Improved sliding in month view.
The new way of sliding in month view allows you to move smoothly from date to date. See how sliding between different days works now.

3. Possibility of quickly switching to today’s date in the calendar.
Now, you will be able to set your booking schedule to the current day.

4. Possibility of recording the date of an advance payment in the booking form.
Another functionality that we have implemented in response to user needs.
Need more options? Contact us!

5. Add bookings quickly.
From now on, you can add bookings without having to click on a selected date in the calendar.

6. Filtering rooms by room names or the number of people.
The filtering allows you to view only selected rooms on the schedule.

7. Possibility of searching for bookings by e-mail addresses.
Need to find a guest’s booking, but all you have is his or her e-mail address? The new search engine will help you find this reservation quickly.

8. Possibility of searching for bookings by phone number fragments.
Another improvement to the search engine—by entering a fragment of the guest’s phone number, you will quickly find his or her booking.

9. Corrections to particular language versions.
We have corrected mistakes reported by BedBooking users.
Found a translation mistake or any other inconsistency in your language version? Contact us!

10. Fixes to errors in the operation of the app.
In every new version of the app, patches are included to fix previously noticed errors. This is why we always recommend that you install the latest updates.
Your app doesn’t work properly? Contact us!


Notices and suggestions

If you have any notices connected with the update, please contact us.


What's more?

In preparation:
1. BedBooking 3.0 for iOS.
2. BedBooking 4.1 for Android.
3. Synchronization of BedBooking reservations with booking.com