What's new?

On August 2nd 2017, we’ve made an update for the BedBooking app available on the AppStore. The 3.0 BETA version initiates the process aiming to unify the functionalities of the app with those available in the Android app. We invite you to download the update from iTunes.


We’ve added 35 options in the BedBooking 3.0 BETA version. Below you can find a detailed list of changes.

New functionalities in the reservation form:
1. Different colors for specific reservation statuses
2. The possibility to quickly go to the current day
3. A graphic distinction for the current day
4. Information concerning the number of people in a room
5. Information concerning the number of extra beds
6. Information concerning the number of single beds
7. Information concerning the number of double beds

New functionalities in the reservation form:
8. Tabs in the reservation form
9. The possibility to copy reservations
10. Check-in and check-out hours
11. Suggesting default check-in and check-out hours
12. Number of days
13. Adults
14. Children
15. Children’s age
16. Price per day
17. End price
18. The possibility to calculate the price basing on the price per day
19. Advance payment
20. Payment upon arrival
21. Street
22. Building number
23. Suite number
24. City
25. Postal code
26. Country
27. Passport
28. ID
29. Email
30. Reservation number
31. Stay
32. Board
33. Door code
34. Information concerning the date of creating the reservation
35. Information concerning the number of days since the date of creating the reservation

We are currently working on a following version (3.1) of the app. Our goal is to unify the functionalities of the BedBooking iOS app with the BedBooking Android app. We encourage you to see the plan of our following updates and to report any remarks you may have.

Due to the long delay in making version 3.0 available, we owe you an explanation.

We’ve started working on version 3.0 in 2016. When we were approaching the publication on the AppStore, Apple has announced a change in term of app architecture (from 32 to 64 bit). Due to this change we had to:
– put on hold the work concerning new functionalities,
– rewrite a large portion of the app’s code anew (in Swift 2).
Due to this, the 3.0 BETA version includes less functionalities than we’ve previously assumed.

Also an additional problem occurred, as our programmer has been transferred to work on a different project. We had to establish a cooperation with a different developer. The new programmer needed time to learn the app’s code and the logic behind the functioning of the system.

On June 8th 2017 we’ve received the 3.0 BETA version for tests. The tests have been conducted by a number of people and took more than a month. Thanks to this, we were able to detect and correct more than 40 errors. Introducing corrections resulted in the need to prepare following versions of the app which then again had to pass the tests. We could not afford to write automatic tests as this would result in delaying the app for following months.

We won’t also hide the fact that when it comes to developing and iOS app, finances play an important role. The simultaneous development of the app on the Android and iOS platforms, consumed large amounts of financial resources. We also invest in other functionalities such as for example an integration with booking.pl. We execute a large portion of investments with our personal resources, which requires us to manage the available budget in an optimal manner.

We would like to once again apologize for the delay. This was a lesson from which we have learned. It will help us to avoid similar situations in the future.

Notices and suggestions

If you have any notices connected with the update, please contact us.


What's more?

In preparation:
1. BedBooking 3.1 for iOS.
2. BedBooking 4.3 for Android.
3. Synchronization of BedBooking reservations with booking.com