What's new?

3.3 version of the IOS application provides:
1. New features in the booking calendar:
– booking search engine,
– range of dates visible in the calendar.

2. New look:
– a window with booking calendar,
– a window with room configuration.

3. New features in the booking form:
– email templates,
– text message templates,
– possibility of pasting text.

4. List of recent bookings and cancelled bookings.

5. List of to-do tasks for today.

6. Notifications about:
– new bookings,
– to-do tasks for today,
– synchronisation errors,

7. A window with company details.

8. A window with synchronisation errors.

9. Preparing the application for synchronising reservations with Booking.com

During the 2 months of working on version 3.3 of the iOS app, we have completed 60 tasks such as:
– new features,
– usability improvements,
– bug fixes.


Notices and suggestions

If you have any notices connected with the update, please contact us.


What's more?

In preparation:
1. BedBooking 3.4 for iOS.
2. BedBooking 4.7 for Android.
3. Synchronization of BedBooking reservations with booking.com