What's new?

The situation of the global pandemic had a huge impact on the tourism market. We hope that our support in those moments turned out to be helpful for your business. We are still working on the desired functionality, but now provide support for new languages.

Hospitality in the Philippines, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Greece, Romania and Ukraine – welcome!

Until now, we served 15 languages, but now we made another step towards strengthening our position in the markets of tourism around the world. Without the support of our gestorów we would never failed. Thank you for your trust!

international hotel app

We constantly take care of software updates and BedBooking hotel’s newer features. The product has been enriched with nine new languages. Joined to the previously available: Philippine, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Thai, Greek, Romanian and Ukrainian.

About how to change the language BedBooking application on a mobile device, you will learn here.

Statistics bookings and occupancy rates

That’s not all – new update has brought further improvements. We know how important for any person who manages the hotel facility is to track the statistics of booking and occupancy. Good hotel distribution strategy allows gestorom develop your property and finding answers to the question whether existing measures are having an effect. This is influenced by both price-fixing in facilities and marketing and hotel accommodation. We are still working on improving this functionality, which is why we present you with further improvements through the creation of business development strategy will become easier. We highly encourage you to use the screen statistics to better plan future activities.

Full description of the update can be found here.

Source main photo: Porapak Apichodilok, pexels