Booking system on your website

Want to share up-to-date information about available dates? Or perhaps you want to sell accommodation? Put a BedBooking booking system widget on your website.

No commission on bookings. 100% of sales made through the widget are yours!

Calendar with one room

Here you can try out a demo calendar with one other room.


Calendar with all rooms

Here you can try out a demo calendar with all rooms.


Room search

Here you can try out a demo room search engine.


Accommodation search

Here you can try out a demo accommodation search engine.


Booking engine on your website

Share your offer on your website with the BedBooking booking engine. Sell accommodation 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, with no middlemen and no commissions.

BedBooking - Booking system on website

Online booking engine

Customers expect a quick and convenient booking process, with no need to call and ask about vacancies or send read out their credit card number.

Bookings are often made during work hours or in the evening, when having to complete a booking by phone might be enough of an inconvenience to look elsewhere. So, customers look for websites that have an online booking engine.

What sets BedBooking widgets apart?

See what makes our booking engine unique.

Promotional offer

Do you want to make your current offer available on your website? With BedBooking widgets, people looking for rooms will be able to independently verify that they can book accommodation with you for the chosen dates.

Automatic synchronization

Thanks to the BedBooking booking engine, you can share information about available rooms and enable customers to book right on the website.

Online reservations

BedBooking Widgets make booking engine easy, so you can sell accommodation through your website, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


BedBooking works with online payment systems (such as PayPal). This ensures that every booking payment will be in your account in seconds.

Quick installation

You can manually install BedBooking Widgets on your website. Simply log on to and download the widget code.

WordPress Plugin

Does your website use WordPress? A dedicated plugin makes it easy to put a widget on your site.

No commissions

We do not charge any commission for reservations made using our widgets. We not mediate in the sale of accommodation. From start to finish, the transaction takes place between you and the customer.

Easy configuration

BedBooking lets you customize the colour and size the widgets on your website. You can add pictures of the rooms, booking terms and other information relevant to customers.

Language versions

Your website is available in several languages? The BedBooking booking engine supports multiple languages, so you won't have to bother with translations.