Booking system FAQ

In the booking system FAQ you'll find answers to questions about operation and service of the booking system.

Cancelled bookings can be restored to the calendar by changing their status.

No. Cancellations are displayed on the ‘Cancellations’ list.

No. The dates of cancelled bookings can be taken by other bookings.

Yes. To restore the booking, change its status from ‘cancelled’ to another status.

You can’t restore deleted reservations yourself. If you need to do so, please contact us. Please include the following information:
– Room(s)
– Date(s)

Yes. Booking data is automatically archived on RST Software Masters servers. We’re able, for example, to restore deleted bookings as well as deleted rooms and the bookings assigned to them.

For active accounts, reservations are kept indefinitely. Accounts inactive for more than a year are automatically deleted from the server after informing the user and the user failing to respond. Each time you log in, the validity of your account is renewed for one year.

Yes. BedBooking is owned by RST Software Masters. RST has existed since 1998, and in two branches employs over 130 developers (as of 2016). RST manages more than 100 servers located around Europe. The main customer of RST is a company Logintrans for which RST provides software.