FAQ - Booking System Help

In FAQ Booking system, you'll find answers for the questions concerning working and operating of the booking system.

The cancelled reservations can be recovered in the calendar changing their status.

No. The cancelled reservations can be exchanged with the other reservations.

No. The date with the cancelled reservation can be overwritten

Yes. To recover the reservation change its status from cancelled on any other

You can’t recover the removed rooms alone. Just in case, contact us and write:
– which room
– on which day
you want to recover.

Yes. The data about reservations are archived on servers which belong to RST Software Masters. For example we are able to recover the removed reservations or rooms with assigned group reservations.

Reservation are kept indefinitely if the account is active. If the account is abandoned (inactive) for a year, it is removed from the server automatically, after notifying the user and not getting any response. Each login to the account renews its validity by a year.

Yes. The owner of BedBooking is RST Software Masters. RST exists since 1998 and in two branches it hires over 130 developers (state for 2016). RST manages over 100 servers located in Europe. The main client of RST is Logintrans company for which RST provides the software of Trans.eu.