BedBooking Web FAQ

In the BedBooking Web FAQ you'll find the answers to your questions about our web application.

1. Already use the BedBooking mobile application? Go to the Login page and enter your username and password to log in.
2. Haven’t used the BedBooking mobile application yet? Visit the Registration page and create a free account.

1. Visit the Registration page and fill out the registration form.
2. Sign in to your email account and open the message from BedBooking.
3. Click the activation link to complete the registration.
4. Log in to the newly created account using the login and password.

1. Go to the Login page and click ‘Forgot password?’.
2. On the password recovery page, fill in the e-mail address that is your BedBooking login and then click the ‘SEND’.
3. Log into your email account and open the message from BedBooking. If you do not see a message from BedBooking, check the SPAM folder in your email inbox. The message may be classified by your email software as SPAM.
4. Follow the instructions in the email received from BedBooking.
5. Go to the Login page, and then log in using your new password.

No. The BedBooking desktop application is available only through the website, and requires access to the internet. Want to use BedBooking without an internet connection? Install the mobile application on your phone or tablet.

1. When you change the Price per night, an appropriate message will be displayed.

BedBooking - Recalculate price-2 - popup

2. Use the Recalculate button and the Price per night for non-full occupancy will be calculated proportionally.

For instance:
Your Price per night for a double room was EUR 60.00. The Price for non-full occupancy for 1 person was EUR 45.00. The Price for non-full occupancy for 1 person is 75% of Price per night (EUR 45 / 60 * 100%)

BedBooking - Recalculate price-1

You decided to change the Price per night for a double room from EUR 60.00 to EUR 70.00. At this point, a message will be displayed informing you about the possibility of recalculating the Price for non-full occupancy.

BedBooking - Recalculate price-2

When you use the Recalculate button, the price for non-full occupancy for 1 person will be EUR 52.50 (calculated according to the following formula: EUR 70 * 75%).

BedBooking - Recalculate price-3.jpg

3. You will be asked to verify whether the Price for non-full occupancy was calculated according to your expectations.

The BedBooking app uses the default desktop e-mail client. To be able to send email messages from the BedBooking web application, you first need to configure your default mail program.

At present, it is only possible to set different prices for the following days:

‘Sunday to Friday’ (weekend)
‘Friday to Sunday’ (‘working’ days of the week)

The Customers list is created automatically with every new booking added to the BedBooking application. Access to the list can be obtained from the BedBooking internet application, by going to the Reservations tab and then Clients.
NOTE: Any minor differences resulting from misspelling, use of another e-mail address or a telephone number, will result in the creation of a new customer data entry. The correction of customer data is possible only through editing in the Reservation Form.

Yes. Two types of statistical reports are available in the BedBooking web application.

Log in to your BedBooking account ( and go to the “Statistics” menu. Choose from two types of statistics available in the BedBooking web application:

1. Booking statistics ( – containing information on occupancy, average price and RevPAR per room in a given month.

2. Occupancy statistics ( – containing information on the number of reservations added and the number of initial room reservations in a given month.

Please follow the steps below using the BedBooking web app:

1. Go to and log in to your account.
2. Go to the menu “Offer” -> “Photos” (
3. Click the home icon / default photo and select the picture file from your computer.
ATTENTION: the image must be at least 396 pixels and cannot exceed 2 MB.
4. From the drop-down menu under the picture, choose the type of photo.
5. Use the ‘Add another photo’ button to add more photos.
ATTENTION: presenting several photos of the same room is possible only in the ‘Calendar – All Rooms’ type of widget. For the remaining types of the widget, only one picture can be presented.
6. To save changes, use the ‘Save’ button.
7. To delete the photo, click on the red ‘x’ above the picture and confirm.