FAQ - BedBooking Widget Help

In FAQ BedBooking Widget, you'll find the answers for the questions concerning the application downloaded form Google Play.

1.Create the account for free in BedBooking with the use of mobile application or website.
2. Go on the Log in website and log in to your account.
3. Choose “Widgets” in menu.
4. Choose the preferable widget’s look and configure it in case of any need.
5. Click in Generate to generate HTML.
6. Copy the generated HTML and paste it on your website.
Notice! Is your website integrated with WordPress system? You can download BedBooking.WordPress plugin for free.

Yes. There’s no limitation in BedBooking widgets number on your website.

Yes. There’s no limitation in the amount of websites where you can place BedBooking widget.

Yes. You can generate and place on your website any number of widgets.

No. Widget enables to look through only current days and future dates. That’s why it is protected against looking through the archive

Yes. The update is conducted automatically and in both directions. If the tourist makes a reservation through the website, it will appear automatically in the mobile and internet application. If the reservation is added via mobile or web application, it will automatically appear as booked in the widget.

Yes. In widgets configuration, you can set widget’s colours individually.

Yes. In configuration, you can set the size of widget.

Yes. In configuration, you can change the language.

Yes. In widget’s configuration you can turn on or turn off the possibility of online reservations.

Widget offers the possibility of following payments configuration:
a) standard transfer on the bank account
b) Paypal transfer online.

No. We don’t charge any commission or hidden fees for making reservations by our customers.