What's new?

Please be informed, that the BETA* version of the BedBooking iCalendar is now available.

BedBooking iCalendar (iCal) makes is possible to quickly and simply integrate the BedBooking calendar with the following calendars:
– Airbnb,
– TripAdvisor,
– HomeAway,
– Flipkey,
– Dobovo,
– Google Calendar,
and many other systems supporting data exchange via iCalendar (iCal).

To activate iCalendar BETA*, please contact us.

BedBooking iCalendar provides the possibility of automatic exchange of reservations between many different calendars in the following options:
– sending (export) of reservations from BedBooking to other calendars,
– downloading (import) of reservations from other calendars to BedBooking.

Therefore, you can benefit from:
– one-way exchange of reservations between calendars (only export or only import),
– two-way exchange of reservations between calendars (export and import).

Full implementation of the BedBooking iCalendar is planned for January 2018.

*BETA means that this will be a test version without all features. It still does not include the notifications system that we are currently working on. Nevertheless, you can already connect the BedBooking calendar to other calendars that support the iCalendar format (iCal).

Notices and suggestions

If you have any notices connected with the update, please contact us.