What's new?

BedBooking Web – Udpate 2.11:
Simplifications in price list management
1. The price list was divided into categories: Weekdays, Short Stay, Long Stay,
2. The possibility of introducing prices for non-full occupancy in amount format was introduced,
3. Support for new booking restrictions compliant with booking resrtictions supported by Booking.com was introduced,
4. The Copy Pricing function also includes copying prices and booking restrictions for each room.

BedBooking - Improvements in price list

BedBooking - Copy price list - Preview

NOTE: Due to the introduced changes, please verify correctness of prices introduced to the BedBooking Price List. If irregularities are detected when calculating the Price per night in the booking form, please contact the BedBooking technical support team.


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Notices and suggestions

If you have any notices connected with the update, please contact us.


What's more?

In preparation:
1. Synchronisation of prices, availability and reservations with Booking.com.
2. iCalendar – the possibility of importing reservations from numerous OTA portals simultaneously.