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What is BedBooking?
BedBooking is the system of PMS (Property Management System) class, dedicated for people offering overnight stays in small accommodation objects, usually not beeing the hotels.

How was BedBooking created?
The idea had occurred before creating of as the result of our experience with booking accommodation in small objects. It refers to the objects which you can’t find in the great booking systems, such as In such case, the only way to make reservation is the phone call. This is the moment when we usually meet difficulties. To rent a room, we need to call several times. We often hear that in the date of reservation, there are no free rooms. We hear quite often that the administrator needs to check the availability in the calendar but it’s impossible then because of their work in terrain. It is quite frustrating for both parts. It’s easy to become disappointed. We created the solution making it possible to manage the booking calendar via mobile devices. The first version of mobile application with Android system was created in the mid-2013.


What problem does BedBooking solve?
BedBooking enables to manage the booking calendar on your mobile, tablet and computer. The booking calendar can be shared by many users. It protects against accumulating the terms of particular reservations. Thanks to it, people who want to rent a bed can always chech the availability of rooms and make a reservation for the calling customer. The mobile application makes the administrators free of paper calendar, or computer which they have no access to being outside the workplace.


BedBooking provides also booking engine on the Internet website. Those widgets enable to share on the Internet the current information about free places.


Who is BedBooking aimed at?
The reservation system, BedBooking, is directed to the owners of small accommodation objects offering from a few up to a dozen or some rooms. Due to the synchronization of data, the solution works well in accommodation objects where reservations are done by a few people.


Where does BedBooking work?
The need of mobile managing of reservations is universal. We aren’t limited with territory. At the moment, we have the satisfied users from all over the world. This application is available in many language versions. We add new language versions together with our users.

What is distinguishing for BedBooking?
We are focused mainly on the mobile native apps. Due to that, the users may easily and quickly manage their reservations. From any place without the need of leaving home.

Our price offer is very attractive. We provide our users the freedom of choice. They can use system completely for free or choose Premium version. Comparing our offer with other booking systems, BedBooking is one of the cheapest.

In comparison to other booking systems, we don’t require any agreement from you. We don’t charge any commission. We have one very simple price list without the limitation of rooms and users. Other booking systems force you to pay more for greater number of rooms or users. We are then highly competitive.

What do the market and competitors look like?
At this moment on the market, there are many available booking systems dedicated for big accommodation objects. They are complicated in use and contain lots of elements being completely useless in small businesses (e.g. receptionist, kitchen service or laundry). Maintaining of these systems is really expensive. Moreover, some of those systems charge booking commissions. In comparison to them, we focused on small objects. Our users are people renting a few up to dozen or some rooms, apartments, houses. BedBooking is simple in use and has intuitive interface of the user. In our financial model, we don’t take commission at reservation. BedBooking has really attractive price offer.

Who is responsible for BedBooking?
We benefit from work of many people. At the moment the core of the team are two people managing the project. Technologically, the project is created by the developer team in RST Software Masters.

What stage is the project at?
Currently, a few thousand of users from whole world use BedBooking.

What are the plans for development?
We are focused on development of functionality which we are asked about by the users of BedBooking.

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