Discover the possibilities of BedBooking Android

Download BedBooking now for free on your Android phone or tablet. See for yourself how you can improve accommodation management.

BedBooking Android works without an internet connection. The application has no restrictions on the number of rooms, the number of users, or the duration of use.


Features of BedBooking Android

Learn the possibilities of the BedBooking Android mobile application.

Convenient calendar
Make bookings in one click by tapping the chosen day in the calendar. Customize the look of your calendar as you please. Browse the booking calendar in full-month view.

Task Scheduler
Enjoy the automatic to-do list feature. Manage unpaid reservations. Keep track of arriving and departing guests, room cleaning, bed linen and towels, and meals to prepare.

Booking search
Quickly search for bookings and customers.

Room manager
Take advantage of flexible room order management. Give rooms their own names. Configure the number of people in the room.

Flexible booking form
Add and hide features. Change the appearance of a form to meet your needs. See only the options that you use.

Message templates for customers
Make use of automatic messages to customers. Send reservation details in the form of an email or SMS notification. Thanks to the number of available language versions, you can communicate in your guests’ language.

Quick booking copying
Enjoy quick booking copying. With the available duplication options, you can easily create a group booking.

Quick booking transfer
Quick booking transfer allows you to quickly move bookings from one room to another, and more.

Customer data AutoComplete
Take advantage of automatic prediction of customer data. When you have returning customers, the application automatically fills in their personal data, making it quick and easy to complete the booking.

Phone number AutoComplete
Use automatic phone number suggestions. When making a booking during a telephone call, the number from the call is automatically suggested and added to the reservation, making the booking process quicker and easier.

List of the latest bookings
Use the BedBooking Widgets to keep track of the latest bookings added by your co-workers and customers.

List of cancelled reservations
Keep track of cancelled bookings. Cancelled bookings can easily be added back to the calendar.

Booking view
Adjust the appearance of the bookings in the calendar to suit your preferences or habits from other booking systems.

Widget notifications for completed bookings
PUSH notifications keep you up to speed with bookings, and Widgets let you keep track of reservations made by customers.

Notification of bookings starting today
Take advantage of automatic reminder notifications for tasks to be performed on a given day.

Generate a financial summary for any period. Keep track of the balance of revenue and expenses of your company. View a financial summary for each room. Export data to a CSV file.

Use configurable notifications about room cleaning.

Export bookings
Download booking information as a CSV file and transfer the data to any program.


Work on your bookings from anywhere.


Share your calendar with your employees.


Data synchronization means you’ll never have to worry about double booking.


Add reservations from your phone, tablet or computer.


Access your calendar without the need for an internet connection.


Manage bookings from Android and iOS devices.

BedBooking Android

Try BedBooking Android for free, and see how easily you can improve your booking process on your phone or tablet. Download the app from Google Play.

Questions and help

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