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Manage your booking calendar app comfortably with the help of your phone or tablet, regardless of where you are. With BedBooking, you can quickly check vacancies and make reservations for your customers. Download the booking calendar app on your phone!

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BedBooking Mobile Application

Download our free booking calendar for your phone or tablet, and see how easily you can improve your booking process.

Speed and simplicity

During your conversation with the customer, you can turn on speakerphone and make a reservation in just one click.

BedBooking automatically adds the customer's phone number to the booking.

If a return customer calls, their personal data is automatically filled into the booking form.

The booking calendar app automatically generates a summary of the booking in SMS or email form.

What sets BedBooking apart?

See what makes our booking system unique.


BedBooking allows for simultaneous access to a single booking calendar from many different devices, so all of your coworkers can manage bookings.


Bookings are automatically backed up and stored on our server. In the event of loss or theft of your device, all you have to do is change your password.


The mobile booking calendar is available in 11 languages (English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Croatian, Russian, Polish, Swedish, Hungarian, and Czech). More languages are coming soon.


BedBooking excels in the management of apartments, agritourism, private accommodation, B&Bs, hostels, guesthouses and private rooms, inns, resorts, villas, mountain huts, and accommodation offices.


The BedBooking mobile booking calendar was created in 2013. Since then, it has been in constant development in order to best meet the needs of users.


BedBooking is part of the RST group, which employs more than 140 people and manages more than 100 servers in Europe. RST provides software for the European Transport Exchange.