What's new?

Please be informed that from February 19, 2018, the Terms of use and the Privacy Policy will be changed.

The implemented changes are aimed at:
1. Meeting the security requirements for the protection of personal data in connection with the planned entry into force of the General Regulation on Personal Data Protection (GDPR) as of May 28, 2018.
2. Specifying the conditions for the provision of services by BedBooking.

The introduced changes have no impact on the BedBooking Price List. The price for the Premium service remains unchanged.

BedBooking customers will be asked to accept the Regulations and the Privacy Policy directly in the BedBooking application.

If you do not accept the provisions of the new Regulations and the Privacy Policy, access to the BedBooking Account will be blocked. The customer may resign from BedBooking at any time by deleting the Account from the BedBooking system, by sending an email to the office[at]bed-booking.com.

We hope that these changes will meet with your acceptance.
Together with you, we want to keep on successfully developing the BedBooking system.

Notices and suggestions

if you have any questions or remarks, please contact us.