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See real reviews of BedBooking. So far BedBooking, has been rated by users more than 700 times! The average rating of BedBooking is 4.4 (out of 5) as of November 2016.

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Great app. Have all my rooms and bed bookings at hand all the time.

Amina Bardien

Love it. Excellent app, very organized!

Julio Cotte

Recommended! Great app that helps us smoothly to book the rooms for our guests who visit our community for mentally handicapped children and young adults PCC – Hand in Hand in Ghana. Thank you for your support.

Hand in Hand

Very helpful

Akbar Ali Sunasara


Jason Sin-Tech

Good app.

Dommy Hartono

I love it. Very good.

Carlos Ragual

Great. Really awesome to use and helps especially during busy season.

Shenecca Cassidy

It is so easy to use and I have all my bookings at the touch of a button , especially when I am out and about.

Innkeepers House Bookings

Works great. Synchronization over several devices works well.

Chris van Niekerk

Fantastic app. I run a small B&B with 8 units. My reservations, client details, payment details etc are in my pocket now. Highly recommended this simple user friendly app. Go for it!

Chacko KK

Good. Help full for my little inn.

Vetty Lin

I actually loved it. Tried lots of booking management software. This one is perfect. Neat and simple. Some issues with synch, seems ok now with new update. Can use app and on pc also.

Dr Manu Madhav

Crispy app. I have got what I wanted for small guest house business.

Rahul Pathare

At Last! Been looking for an app like this for years. Brilliant. The premium annual cost is excellent especially as it is both PC and tablet program. First class. Would like to give more than 5 stars!

Piccolo Player

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