What's new?

So far, BedBooking has commissioned translations only from external companies. Unfortunately, this form of cooperation is not always optimal. In some cases, you need a working knowledge of the nuances of the tourism industry. Without such knowledge, there may be some inaccuracies or errors. So we decided to look for a solution.

If BedBooking is missing in your language, now can you help us with translations. For people who know another language in addition to their mother tongue, we’ve prepared an interesting offer.

What's the offer?

1. We send you files (usually in English) for translation into the chosen language.
2. After preparing the translations, we prepare a test version (RC) of BedBooking containing new translations.
3. We provide you with the test version (RC) BedBooking to verify the accuracy of the translation.
4. If necessary, we apply fixes and perform verification again.
5. We publish a BedBooking update containing the new language version.

We invite those interested to contact us.