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Functions of BedBooking Web

Check the possibilities of BedBooking Web application.

Comfortable calendar
Create reservations with just one click, touching the calendar on the chosen day. Adjust calendar’s look to your needs. Look through the booking calendar in the view of full months.

Reservation search engine
Enjoy the possibility of searching for reservations and customers.

Room managing
Enjoy the possibility of convenient managing of rooms order. Give them your own names. Configure the number of people in the room.

Message templates for clients
Use the automatic messages for customers. Send the details of reservation in the form of e-mail or text message notice. Due to the availability of language versions, you can communicate with the guests in their languages.

Quick copying of reservation
Use the possibility of quick copying of reservations. Thanks to the option of copying, you can also easily create the group reservations.

Quick reservation transfer
Enjoy the possibility of quick reservation transfer. Make transfer between rooms faster.

Auto-completion of customer data
Use the automatic completing of customer data. When you have returning customers, the application can suggest their data. Make creating and saving the reservation faster.

List of the newest reservations
Control the list of the newest reservations added by your co-workers and the customers via widgets.

List of the cancelled reservations
Control the list of the cancelled reservations. The cancelled reservations can be easily recovered in your calendar.

Flexible price list
Create flexible price plans depending on season of year. Manage your price list comfortably.

Booking statistics
Control the statistics of occupancy rate and rating of your business.


Work with the reservation plan, everywhere that you are.


Share calendar with your co-workers.


Manage your reservations without feeling worried about doubling of dates.


Add reservations from your mobile, tablet and computer.


Use the calendar without the need of the Internet connection.


Manage the reservations from devices with Android, iOS.

BedBooking Web

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