About us

Dawid Łukasiewicz
Dawid Łukasiewicz

The idea for BedBooking was born in 2012 at RST Software Masters. The project was implemented as an internal project aimed at building the company\’s competencies in the field of mobile platforms. Because our parent company had experience in systems for the tourism industry (NetTur), the idea evolved into a mobile booking calendar. Unlike large and complex hotel systems, the solution was supposed to be simple, intuitive, good quality, and innovative. Hence, the idea for a mobile reception desk available on the phone or tablet for small and medium-sized accommodation facilities. The most important thing in our work is the multidimensional shape. There is a whole team of people behind the project: product managers, programmers, testers, support, marketing specialists, accounting, and human resources. They want them to enjoy what they do in their daily work. Thanks to this, we can get to know, understand and meet the needs of our users well. By solving customer problems, we build a great product that we can be proud of.
The idea of ​​BedBooking is to support people who rent accommodation in everyday work. We are proud that our system is used by people from all over the world. We do not forget that helping others is part of participating in social life.