Intelligent assistant and communication with guests

The BedBooking system is more than just a calendar. Check out how it helps hosts and how it automates work.
Everything that you need to smartly manage your accommodation rentals.

Cleaning hotel rooms app showcase

Intelligent assistant and communication with guests

All current information in one place. Thanks to the BedBooking application, you have full control over the facility.

  • It will remind you of the guest’s check-in or the lack of payment for the stay.
  • It allows you to share tasks with employees.
  • Provide reports and reminds you to clean up rooms.
Connect with guests via template messages

Focus on efficient and automatic communication

Sending messages manually can be laborious, so we have prepared fully customizable message templates for you.

  • Templates allow you to communicate quickly, without mistakes. You will easily create personalized messages with dynamic tags such as guest name, check-in date, and price per stay.

I want to have everything under control with reminders and automation.

Get started for free and without any obligation. All you need is an email address.

Calendar for many devices

Accès depuis n’importe quel appareil

Android, iOS, Web – vous pouvez vous connecter à votre compte sur n’importe quel nombre d’appareils.

Safe App for vacation rental management


BedBooking crée automatiquement une copie de sauvegarde de vos réservations – dormez bien.


Portée mondiale

Assistance en 24 langues, dont le français.

BedBooking development

Développement constant

BedBooking est développé sur la base des besoins et des idées des personnes de l’industrie du tourisme.

Capterra Tech Travel Award

Do you know that…

The BedBooking calendar is rated very well by the travel industry. The mobile application received the main prize in the Tech Travel Award competition.

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There’s no need for us to convince you of how BedBooking helps with the management of an accommodation facility. Check out full functionality within the trial period.
Test without any obligations for 30 days on multiple platforms and devices.


Frequently Asked Questions

The BedBooking assistant will remind you about new accommodation reservations, lack of payment, the arrival of guests, tasks to be performed, or cleaning orders.
Default message templates are translated into all language versions supported by BedBooking. This allows you to send messages (email, SMS) to foreign customers in their native language.