Discount codes terms and conditions

These terms and conditions define the rules for the use of discount codes on bed-booking.com

I. Glossary of terms used in the Terms of service:

Discount code – an electronic discount code in the form of an alphanumeric code, authorizing the User to implement it in the Premium Order Form at https://bed-booking.com, in the form of a percentage discount calculated on the order value;
Operator – BedBooking Sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Poland, Świdnica, ul. Esperantystów 17, registered under the number KRS 0000699738, NIP: 8842785023.
User – an entity using BedBooking, regardless of its legal form (a natural person with full legal capacity, and in cases provided for by generally applicable regulations, a natural person with limited legal capacity, a natural person running a business or a legal person).
Expiry date – the date by which the discount code can be redeemed on bed-booking.com and the purchase can be made using it.

II. General conditions.

1. The Operator undertakes to provide the User with a Discount code as part of an organized promotion or individual agreement with the User.
2. The Discount code may be used when purchasing Premium services on the bed-booking.com website:
– Premium (1-3 Rooms)
– Premium (4-10 Rooms)
– Premium (11-20 Rooms)
– Premium (21-50 Rooms)
– Premium (50+ Rooms)
3. Discount codes are not intended for the purchase of Premium Services:
– Web + Android
– Web + iOS
– Web + Android + iOS
– Booking.com
– iCalendar
– Invoices
4. The Discount code cannot be exchanged for money (cash) in whole or in part and cannot be returned.
5. The Discount code received from the Operator is single use.
6. The value and validity (Expiry date) of the Discount code will be determined each time at the time of its transfer to the User.

III. Rules for the transfer and use of the Discount code.

1. The Discount code is made available in the form of an electronic letter sent to the User’s e-mail address or by making the Discount code available during a promotion organized by BedBooking.
2. To use the Discount code provided by the Operator, enter the sequence of characters in the “Discount code” field when placing an order in the Order Form.
3. Entering the Discount code in the field mentioned in paragraph 3 will reduce the value of the order price by a percentage of the Discount Code provided to the User.
4. The Discount code may be used if the User has a User account on the BedBooking website.
5. Discount codes do not add up. Only one Discount Code can be used in an order.
6. The Operator has the right to refuse to redeem the Discount Code if its Expiry Date has expired. Thus, the rebate code expires on its Expiry Date.

IV. Complaints and return of goods.

Complaints regarding the Promotion may be submitted to the e-mail address office[at]bed-booking.com within 14 calendar days from the end of the Promotion.

V. Final conclusions.

1. Participation in the Promotion means acceptance of:
a) Regulations of Discount Codes and
b) the BedBooking Regulations published on the website: bed-booking.com/terms-of-service
The content of these regulations is available on the website at bed-booking.com/discount-codes-terms-and-conditions
2. In matters not covered by these regulations, the legal provisions of generally applicable law, especially the Polish Civil Code and the Act of 30 May 2014 on consumer rights (Journal of Laws of 2014, item 827 as amended) shall apply.
3. The Regulations are valid from November 25, 2021.