Thanks to the BedBooking API, you decide what to do with the data

bedbooking api

Use BedBooking in the way you like the most.

How does the BedBooking API work?

Our public API will allow your IT team or IT company to integrate your software with our system to further improve the management of the accommodation facility.

  • Access to reservations via API – download reservations from various reservation systems in one format from one place – add reservations directly from your application.
  • Access to room availability via API – check online if a given date is currently available – avoid overbooking.
  • Access to prices via API – calculate the price for a reservation and present prices on your website – manage prices directly from your application.

If you are interested in integration via BedBooking API contact us for documentation.

BedBooking is a well-known calendar application for owners of small and medium-sized accommodation facilities and an online hotel reservation system. If you operate a small hotel, hostel, agritourism, aparthotel, rent apartments, own a guesthouse or summer cottages – an application with a calendar from BedBooking will make the organization of the facility’s work a pleasure. In addition to the reservation calendar, which is the heart of the application, you will find many useful functions in it, such as managing tasks related to maintaining the cleanliness of rooms or hotel reservation system. In addition, the application constantly reads reservations from booking portals, so you don’t have to worry about overbooking by advertising your rooms on multiple portals at the same time.