Access for Employees

Online reservation system with access to selected data for employees.


How to manage accommodations together with colleagues?

How to grant access to sensitive data for employees involved in room service or the cleaning company?

  • Employees Module – Grant and revoke access to data and functionalities for your colleagues.
  • Limited access to data – Anonymous, confidential data for viewing only.
  • The BedBooking calendar app is available on both smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers.
  • No additional licenses for colleagues – any number of people using the BedBooking app.

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After the trial version expires, no charges will be applied. Your account will remain in the FREE version (check the PRICING for the features of FREE and PREMIUM versions).

How to work faster and more efficiently?

Do you want to operate more efficiently in short-term rentals? Do you want to see results? Do you want to gain trust and profits from property rentals?

  • Do it as a team. Invite colleagues.
  • You can provide the reservation calendar app for managers, receptionists, cleaning teams, accountants, and owners.
  • Share only the features that a member of your team needs.
  • Quick start and ready-made typical role permissions for selected employee positions.
  • Personalization and customization of access profiles for each employee individually.

What is the Employees Module responsible for?

Sensitive data under protection.

  • Access restrictions to confidential data for your colleagues.
  • Selection of the scope of functionalities available for a specific colleague.
  • Simultaneous use of the application by multiple people.
  • Individual email address and password for the BedBooking application for each colleague.

See what the Employees module looks like.

Check out the demo and see how easily and quickly you can use this functionality.

How does the Employees Module work?

If you want to take advantage of the option to share the BedBooking app with a larger number of people and at the same time divide access to data.

  • Purchase PREMIUM – the Employees Module is available only in the paid version.
  • Create an Employee Profile – provide the first name, last name, position, and send the invitation.
  • Allocate accesses – use an existing permission profile or create a custom one.
  • Individual password – the employee sets it independently through a dedicated link.
  • Control and modify – independently adjust the scope of access to data.

The Employees Module

Do you want to give access to the BedBooking app to your colleagues? Do you need to share all confidential data? Do you want to delegate some tasks?

In the Premium version, a new Employees Module is available.

Add any number of collaborators and work as a team.

Start working today – 30 days free.

After the trial version expires, no charges will be incurred, and your account remains in the FREE version (check the PRICING for the features of FREE and PREMIUM versions).


Frequently Asked Questions

To start using the permissions system, you only need a Premium subscription. You can also use the permission system in a 30-day trial version.
You can add as many employees as you want.
Yes, you can change employee data freely and independently in the Employees tab.
If your PREMIUM account expires and you do not renew it, it will automatically switch to FREE account. All modules available in the PREMIUM version, including the Collaborators module will be disabled. This means that you will not be able to add, edit and delete the data of new associates and current added associates will lose access to the BedBooking booking calendar application. Only the account owner will still have access to it. If you pay PREMIUM for the next period (even after a break) then the Employees Module will return together with all previously granted access and settings.
Calendar for many devices

Access from any device

Android, iOS, web – you can log into your account on any number of devices.

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BedBooking automatically creates a backup copy of your reservations – sleep well.


Global reach

Support in 24 languages, including English.

BedBooking development

Constant development

BedBooking is being developed based on the needs and ideas of people from the tourism industry.

Capterra Tech Travel Award

Do you know that…

The BedBooking calendar is rated very well by the travel industry. The mobile application received the main prize in the Tech Travel Award competition.

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