How much does BedBooking cost?

We offer price plans from 12 EUR net (+tax) | 13,5 USD net (+tax).
The price depends on the number of rooms and package chosen.
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Free trial

After creating an account, you will receive 30-day premium access to all BedBooking features. After the expiry of Premium access, your account will remain active. You will still be able to manage your booking calendar.

Free access

After the end of the 30-day Premium trial, you can still use BedBooking for free. The free version is limited only in terms of the number of features available - no data is erased. You won't lose access to your reservation calendar.

No commission on bookings

We do not charge any commission on bookings. BedBooking guarantees you a clear deal, with no hidden or additional fees. Add up the costs of your current booking system over the course of a year, then compare the offer BedBooking.

No contract

We do not require you to sign any contract. You can start or stop using BedBooking at any time, with no consequences. You can test BedBooking as long as you want and without any obligation.

No limit on rooms

We do not artificially limit the number of rooms available in the system. You rent two rooms? Or an 8-bedroom guesthouse? Or do you manage 20-bedroom hotel? BedBooking gives you the freedom to configure the required number of rooms.

Unlimited users

We do not artificially limit the number of users in the system. You run a family business? Perhaps you employ a few seasonal workers? With BedBooking, multiple users can access the reservation system.

Account always active

Your BedBooking account is always active, regardless of whether you use the free version or the premium version, or whether you use BedBooking seasonally or year-round. Your account will not be deleted when you do not use it.

Flexible offer

BedBooking provides you the freedom to decide when to purchase Premium access. You can purchase Premium access for 1, 3 or 12 months and more, and you can freely switch between free account and Premium account. If you rent accommodation seasonally, you won't find a better deal.

It works offline

Only a native application guarantees uninterrupted access to the booking calendar when not connected to the internet. No other booking system lets you do that without installing any software. If you were disappointed with your previous booking system, try BedBooking.

Discounts and promotions

We offer attractive discounts for selected Premium packages. We offer attractive pricing promotions at least once a year.


We issue invoices for Premium purchases made through the website.

For any period

With BedBooking, you pay only for the period in which you need to Premium access. Do you rent accommodation seasonally? You can purchase Premium access for 3 months of the year, and for the remaining nine months, you can use the free version.

For everyone

When you buy one Premium package, your employees will also be able to freely use the full premium functionality, regardless of how many employees you have. One Premium for all users.

Unlimited devices

When you buy one Premium package, you can freely use the full BedBooking functionality of on any number of devices, regardless of how many devices you use. One Premium for all devices.

Any platform

Purchasing one Premium package allows you to use the full functionality of BedBooking on devices running Android and iOS, and on any computer with a web browser.