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Accelerated Payments for Accommodations – a New Payment Method in the BedBooking Reservation Calendar

Do you have accommodations for rent? Are you the owner of an apartment, agritourism facility, or campground? Would you like to accept reservations directly without any intermediaries? Perhaps you don’t want to use booking portals, and you prefer to take reservations by phone or have a website with a reservation calendar. If you are concerned about the issue of collecting accommodation fees and would like to simplify this process for yourself and your guests, BedBooking has just implemented a secure solution with such a possibility.

Cashless Payments for Accommodations

As the owner of accommodation facilities, you often had two main types of payments: cash and bank transfers. Guests prefer cash payments, which could pose the risk of losing payment, guest no-shows, or even problems with having such cash. On the other hand, bank transfers are time-consuming and require manual confirmation, often leading to delays, especially with last-minute bookings.

Using external booking portals and collecting payments through these portals is also a topic of compensation not flowing directly to you after making a reservation.

BedBooking has decided to integrate with the renowned payment platform – Stripe. This is a solution for many owners of accommodation facilities who have dreamed of simplicity, security, and speed of online payments.

What is STRIPE?

  • An international online payment platform
  • Enables payment for accommodations by credit card
  • Allows payments for reservations using popular payment methods in your country

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One of the advantages of Stripe integrated with the BedBooking Reservation Calendar is that the booker can choose the most convenient payment method. After selecting the online payment method, the booker is redirected to the Stripe page, where they can choose from various available payment methods. The offered payment methods depend on the guest’s location and the currency in which they are making the payment. Guests from different parts of the world can use payment methods that are most popular and convenient in their country. Stripe adapts to the needs of your guests, while eliminating the problem associated with differences in payment methods in different regions of the world.

Are there additional fees in Stripe?

Stripe, like any online payment platform, charges transaction handling fees. Stripe commission rates vary depending on the payment method chosen by your guest. It is worth emphasizing that Stripe offers a very transparent commission structure and has a reputation for a fair approach to fees for such services.

Commissions are usually charged as a percentage of the transaction value or as a fixed fee plus a percentage.

It should be noted that BedBooking does not charge any commissions for reservations.

Key Benefits of Payments via Stripe in BedBooking:

Transaction Security:

Ensure that your transactions are now fully secure. Stripe is not just a payment platform; it is a protective shield for your finances.

Speed and Convenience:

Payments made through Stripe are like lightning. Customers can freely use credit cards, speeding up the reservation process, and you gain time for what really matters.

Integration with the BedBooking App:

Say goodbye to issues with manually confirming payments! Thanks to integration with Stripe, all transactions go straight to the BedBooking system. Manage payments with ease, track reservations, and enjoy simplified accounting.

How to Activate Payments via Stripe?

BedBooking users do not have to worry about handling payments or configuring each individual payment option. Stripe takes care of this for them, providing full payment support. When a guest makes a reservation and chooses online payment via Stripe, the entire payment process is automated. The guest is redirected to the Stripe page, where they can conveniently choose the appropriate payment method. After making the payment, the funds are automatically transferred to the Stripe account of the accommodation owner.

Simply log in to your BedBooking account, go to the payment settings section, and then choose the Stripe option. The step-by-step wizard will guide you through the process.

  1. Go to the “Payment Methods” window.
  2. Enable Stripe online payments.
  3. Create a Stripe account.
  4. Fill in the details on the Stripe account.

On the Stripe page, you will be asked to fill in the necessary data that will allow proper integration. Depending on local regulations, you may be asked to provide the following information:

  • Email address and password: used to log in to your Stripe account. They do not have to be the same as in BedBooking.
  • Company information: information about your company, including name and address.
  • Contact details: current contact information, including phone number and email address.
  • Account owner’s information: information about the owner of the Stripe account, including name, surname, and identity card number.
  • Bank details: your bank account details, which will be used to transfer funds.
  • Payment configuration: preferred payment methods available to your guests.
  • Identification documents: you may be asked to submit some identification documents to verify your identity.

Your solution is ready. This connection not only eliminates old problems but also raises customer service comfort to a higher level.

Thanks to payments via Stripe, you can forget about the stress associated with cash and the uncertainty of transfers. It’s time to focus on what you love to do most – creating unforgettable experiences for your guests.

BedBooking as a tool for managing accommodation reservations.

At BedBooking, we believe that technology should serve people, so we continually develop our tools to provide you with the best solutions. Integration with Stripe is another step, and we are pleased to be your companion and supportive partner in managing rental accommodations.

Together, we create the future of accommodation management!

If you need additional instructions on connecting with STRIPE, we invite you to our knowledge base and articles for assistance:

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