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Accommodation rental success story – Scandinavian Cottages Kopalino

Interview with Our Client – Success Story of Accommodation Rental In today’s article, we would like to present an interview with one of our exceptional clients who has achieved extraordinary success in the accommodation rental industry. Let’s get to know the story of Mateusz Cupryniak, the owner of a charming property located in the beautiful village of Kopalino, known as Scandinavian Cottages Kopalino, offering unforgettable vacation experiences by the sea.

Mateusz Cupryniak’s accommodation facility is a heavenly haven near the sea.

Please tell us a few words about yourself and your place.

Mateusz Cupryniak: My history with the rental industry goes back to my childhood. From a very young age, I had contact with this business because my mother was involved in renting rooms. Perhaps it’s unusual, but I helped her with apartment rentals since I was a child. My parents, who had their own accommodation facility on the neighboring plot, created an opportunity for me to learn and work in this field from an early age. I remember working there as an assistant, taking care of cleaning, changing bed linen, and providing guests with information or handing over keys. This experience sparked my interest in this industry. At one point, I also ran a bike rental service, and when the opportunity to purchase a plot of land arose, I decided to start a business in the accommodation rental industry.

I bought the land in March, and by July, we welcomed our first guests. Our preparations for the season were rapid.

How did you get into the accommodation rental business?

Mateusz Cupryniak: My adventure with rentals has been going on for six years, since 2017. My parents also rent out their place, and I decided to run my own facility. Initially, we considered separate businesses, but later we decided to have a shared place that would be attractive to families with children, with a bonfire and a playground. We have a common area between the two facilities that guests from both places can use.

How long have you been hosting tourists in your facility?

Mateusz Cupryniak: We have been hosting visitors for six years. Our facility consists of three unique Scandinavian cottages that caught everyone’s attention in the area. Currently, there are more cottages similar to ours in the vicinity, but we still maintain the unique character of the place. Kopalino, where we are located, may not be a large town, but it has many charming attractions.

Our facility is located in the very center of the village, just 7 minutes away from the town center and 3 minutes from restaurants, with a beautiful forest visible from the windows. Despite such a central location, our guests appreciate the opportunity to pick mushrooms and berries practically right behind the fence. It is a perfect place for cycling enthusiasts. Our guests know well that it’s worth bringing bicycles.

The beach is 2.5 km away, so it’s not that close, but the journey through the forest is enjoyable and takes us away from the crowds on the main beach.

Who visits your facility most often?

Mateusz Cupryniak: Our most frequent guests are families with children who are looking for a peaceful place away from the crowds and noise. Within 30 minutes, you can reach Łeba if someone is looking for more entertainment. However, primarily our place is ideal for families, especially in the middle of summer.

What problems led you to search for a solution like BedBooking?

Mateusz Cupryniak: The first problem I encountered was the disorganization associated with phone reservations. I used various platforms such as nocowanie.pl, booking.com, and Airbnb. I wanted to have control over all reservations, which led me to search for a solution. I wanted a Polish company and a Polish product, which is why I chose BedBooking. I also recommended BedBooking to my parents, but what attracted me to the platform was the ability to use a single booking calendar for all OTAs (Online Travel Agencies).

I particularly appreciate the statistical features that allow me to track occupancy, income, and expected payments. Moreover, the ability to track expenses and control them in real time is extremely valuable.

I had previous experience in accounting, so this tool turned out to be very useful.

How do you imagine working without BedBooking? What problems would arise?

Mateusz Cupryniak: The main problem without BedBooking would be the need to synchronize bookings with the Booking.com platform. Working with that portal would be difficult, and manual reservation management would be time-consuming and more prone to errors.

How long have you been using BedBooking, and what else do you expect from us in the future?

Mateusz Cupryniak: I have been using BedBooking for three years. In the future, I expect further development of the platform and the introduction of new features that will facilitate facility management. I am very interested in the planned changes and updates.


Thank you for sharing your story and experience with our platform. We wish you continued success in managing your facility, and rest assured that we will always be ready to support you in managing reservations through BedBooking.

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