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04/05/2023 | by BedBooking

Children’s attractions vs. short-term rentals

The winter holidays are over. Most families are already starting to think about choosing where they will spend their summer vacation. It’s that time of the year when entrepreneurs offering short-term rentals should start preparing their properties for the season. The offer must already be polished and properly displayed on the Internet and other advertising venues. Each week the booking calendar application fills up with your competitors, but do you also? Are you sure you have prepared everything as you should? Have you considered all the options that will allow you to please your guests and thus record a financially successful 2023 season? Find the answer in this article.

While not all vacation properties open up to families with children, it is worth noting that this model of vacationers makes up a very large portion of travelers. Therefore, if you don’t see any contraindications, analyze whether your short-term rental can also be an offer for families with children. Why are we highlighting this topic now? And why are we devoting a separate article to it? Because we are sure that the issue is worthy of attention and beneficial for many rental property owners.

How to prepare accommodations for families with children. Photo by Yan Krukau

Parent – a special customer model

Probably the best way to understand the parent customer model is to be a parent yourself. Sometimes, however, even that doesn’t help. We easily and quickly forget what our priorities were when we planned to go away with the kids. Preparing a rental property for families requires specific steps. For starters, you’ll need to put yourself in your parents’ shoes. What would you need if you were traveling with children? How would your needs change if infants, children of several years or teenagers were involved? We’re talking here not only about the property itself, which must meet the specific conditions required by parents, but also about the attractions you should include in your offer to make it attractive to the little ones, the slightly older ones and their parents, as a result providing you with a filled booking calendar.

Most places offering apartments, houses or cottages for vacation rentals have long taken care of all sorts of attractions for children, which provide the youngest guests with a lack of boredom, and their parents with a moment of rest on their long-awaited vacation.

It can be:

  • pool,
  • art program,
  • care of an animator,
  • inflatables,
  • trampoline,
  • swings
  • and many other more or less original attractions.

What kind of entertainment you can offer your guests largely depends on the capabilities of your property.

One thing is for sure – it’s a good idea to start preparations with what is most important for a parent – safety. Stressed parents do not enjoy their vacation. Therefore, your property should provide everything that potential guests need and what is important to them, especially what hotels can’t provide – that’s your marketing ace.

Safety comes first

Traveling with family can be expensive, and finding affordable options can be a real challenge, especially for large families. That’s why vacation rental properties, or short-term rentals, have become an excellent alternative to hotels. Hotels geared toward family stays, however, are by design geared to host toddlers and larger children. In the case of private properties, all responsibility for safety and attractions rests with the owners. It’s up to the property owners and their offerings, reaching out to potential customers, to convince guests that it’s the vacation home that offers more value and services for families than any hotel. Fortunately for landlords, recent data collected by Booking.com, showed that the vacation rental sector is becoming increasingly popular, and this does not promise to change.

What kind of attractions for children in a rental place? Photo by Juan Salamanca

Therefore, as long as you emphasize on your website and other advertising venues that you offer ample space, an exceptional experience, comfort and safety for families, your calendar application will start filling up at a rapid pace. If your vacation home is additionally adapted for guests with mobility problems, you will have an advantage in attracting parents with disabled children. Every vacation home is different and offers different options, services and experiences. You can emphasize the fact that your property and its elements are fully adapted to their needs and will make them feel at home. Find the things in your offering that make it stand out from the rest. For example, having a large refrigerator for the whole family. Parents will be delighted with the space needed to store their children’s favorite snacks, as well as a fully equipped kitchen to prepare a healthy meal for the whole family. In addition, some families prefer to travel with other families and/or friends. So if your property is large enough to accommodate a variety of groups so that parents can relax while their children play together, also don’t forget to include this in your offer.

How do you keep your holiday home safe?

When it comes to traveling with toddlers, one thing is certain – parents must be absolutely sure that they will be safe throughout their stay at your vacation home. How can you easily and inexpensively ensure a safe space?

1. Remove delicate and sharp objects from your child’s reach

As you know, children are curious by nature and love to touch everything. The landlord’s decorating skills in rental properties for families will not be strongly useful. Vases, glass figurines or stained glass windows are a potential danger here. Remember to secure anything that could break, crack or be dangerous, such as glass objects, china, glassware, etc. Keep knives and other sharp utensils in a safe place out of the reach of children.

If you are thinking of renovating your vacation rental property or refurbishing some furniture, think carefully about what you are going to buy and whether it will be suitable for children. Bet on durability and safety more than appearance.

Art and creative utensils for children at the accommodation facility. Photo by Yan Krukau

2. Secure the corners of furniture and doors

Vacationing in a new place is an unforgettable adventure for children! Out of excitement they can run and bump into various objects, here they are especially threatened by corners and sharp ends of furniture. Therefore, it is important to secure all those nooks and crannies that can be dangerous for toddlers: the corners of the table, sharp corners of the countertop, dresser or nightstand. Foam or silicone protectors are cheap, effective and aesthetically pleasing. For door leaves, use stoppers, half-round foam pads, so your child won’t get his hands pinched. If your property has stairs, be sure to install gates.

3. Remember to keep cleaning products out of the reach of children

In most parents, this rule resounds in their ears constantly, but in a new place it is difficult to anticipate all the places where dangerous means may be found. Just make sure you put them in a place locked with an extra key or at a height out of reach of children. In addition, you can get locks designed with child safety in mind, or child-proof drawers to make sure no dangerous product comes within their reach. Inform parents in advance and explain where they can find them.

Accommodation booking system vs. rentals for families with children. Photo by cottonbro studio

3. Remember to keep cleaning products out of the reach of children

In most parents, this rule resounds in their ears constantly, but in a new place it is difficult to anticipate all the places where dangerous means may be found. Just make sure you put them in a place locked with an extra key or at a height out of reach of children. In addition, you can get locks designed with child safety in mind, or child-proof drawers to make sure no dangerous product comes within their reach. Inform parents in advance and explain where they can find them.

4. Secure contacts, cables and wires

There are many solutions and accessories that can be purchased to organize cables and wires, as well as to close the openings in electrical outlets. Above all, make sure cables are optimally buried and outlets are out of the reach of children.

Your property is now secure – now it’s time to entertain!

Vacations, vacations – this is undisputedly a time of fun, relaxation and unusual experiences. Even if the location of your property is eminently attractive, such as being very close to the beach, don’t forget that part of the rest for your parents will be to relax in the holiday home, especially after days of activities outside. Small attractions can be taken care of both by furnishing the interior of the property with a few creative additions, and by using the outdoor space – garden, terrace or patio.

How to prepare the accommodation facility well for children? Photo by Lukas

1. Property equipment

To start, all you need are a few universal toys. Large blocks, a ball, a scooter, a doll carriage, a few books. With subsequent seasons, buying a few toys at a time, the collection will grow, and you won’t feel it financially as much. Pay attention that the toys are easy to clean and durable. This is important for parents, children, but also your wallet. You can also offer entertainment in the form of access to Netflix or another platform offering cartoons for the little ones and interesting movies for the older ones for long evenings. Internet access is a must these days – while it’s obvious, make sure you’ve taken care of easy Wi-fi access.

2. Attractions for children in the outdoor area

The most popular toy that all children of a large age range love? Of course – a trampoline. If space allows, think about putting a trampoline, swings, a sandbox and a small slide. These are basic elements, but also ones that children of all ages will never get bored with.

Additionally, reaching out to the families whose attention you are vying for in your offerings:

  • baby carriage
  • pool
  • water pistols
  • children’s bicycles, helmets and pads
  • items for other sports (basketball basket, ping pong table, badminton, etc.).

Many places additionally offer childcare as well. This is a great opportunity for parents to relax and unwind for a while. We are sure that as long as you take care of basic safety and entertainment for children, your offer will become attractive to families and your calendar application will fill up quickly. Meeting the demands of parents will help you build a stronger and lasting relationship with them. It will also certainly encourage them to book a vacation with you again and recommend your property to other families by leaving a review on your website or Google.



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