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25/06/2021 | by BedBooking

New reservation system from BedBooking. What’s new?

New reservation system enables effective direct sale of accommodation, even if you do not have your own website. The expected improvement is multi-booking, i.e. the possibility for your guests to make a group booking for multiple rooms.

In new reservation system you will be able to present extensive room descriptions, introduce the sale of additional services, manage prices better and accept inquiries from guests. We offer the option of adding new payment methods supported by Przelewy24. We have not forgotten about the Hosts who prefer to settle the booking “on the spot”, after the guest’s arrival at the facility.

BedBooking reservation system

You don’t need a website

Now, in order to sell accommodation via the reservation system, you do not need your own website. All you need to do is set your own address in the BedBooking application, for example: www.rocky-resort.bed-booking.com. This way, you will receive an address that you can put on your social media profile, on business cards or give to your customers during a phone call. At this address, everyone will be able to see your current offer and make a reservation on their own. In addition, the most important information will be included here, such as your contact details, property and room descriptions, location and booking conditions.

Convenience on mobile phone

Today, up to 70% of website visits are made from mobile devices. Most of the sales and bookings are also made from mobile devices. Therefore, guided by your greatest benefit, we have designed the BedBooking reservation system based on the best practices for online stores, while ensuring convenient service on phones.


We introduced the ability to make group reservations for more than one room. Thanks to this, your guests will be able to book a stay for more people in one reservation. 

Building an offer and room descriptions

You can change descriptions, add new photos or slogans that distinguish your rooms, at any time. You can freely set prices and restrictions. You decide what and in what form to present to your clients.

New price list and rates management

You can use the BedBooking reservation system only when you have a new price list already configured. (more about the new price list). The new price list means more flexibility in creating offers and easier usage, compared to the previous version. You can quickly set up your local tax and board amount for all appointments. Moreover, you are free to add the options you need and hide the ones you don’t use.

Thanks to the extensive configuration of the booking system, you can create accommodation offers quickly, using previously completed values in the price list, e.g. enabling or disabling the food option and calculating prices for children.

Customer inquiries

If your guest does not find the room they are looking for, a form will appear in the reservation system, by which they will be able to send you a question about the availability of the room at a different date. Thanks to this, you will find out what offers your future guests are looking for and you will have contact details to them.

New payment methods


We are introducing new payment methods supported by Przelewy24. Thanks to this, the payment for the reservation can be transferred directly to your account and immediately after the reservation is made by the guest. Przelewy24 allows you to make payments via BLIK or instant transfer from online banking.

Payment on place

Do you prefer cash payments? Now that’s not a problem. You can set up “Payment on place” as one of the available booking methods. After making a reservation in the system, your guests will receive information about the currency in which the settlement is to be made and the amount of the payment. 

How is the new reservation system different from the previous one? Comparison

availabilityown website required to use the reservation system
maintenance of the domain, server, webmaster’s cost
reservation system that works with no need of a website 
the ability to add a search engine for accommodation and calendars to your own website
convenient on phones (responsiveness, RWD)NOYES
multi-reservation – group booking for several rooms at the same timeNOYES
reservation with “Payment on place” (after the guest arrives)NOYES
sale of additional services (e.g. meals, bicycle rental, parking space)NOYES
location of rooms on the mapNOYES
date inquiry formNOYES
convenient price setting and offer managementNOYES
Comparison of old and new BedBooking reservation system

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