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Booking calendar, the key to success

The booking calendar is an important tool that enables accommodation facility owners to effectively manage bookings and increase work efficiency. Choosing the right booking calendar, such as BedBooking, can contribute to the success of your accommodation facility, thanks to advanced features and ease of use. In this article, you will learn about the benefits of using a booking calendar and how it will affect the development of your business.

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How to keep a reservation calendar in accommodation facilities? Photo added by Andrea Piacquadio

Benefits of using the booking calendar

1. Efficient booking management: The booking calendar enables property owners to manage their bookings quickly and easily, avoiding problems related to duplicate bookings or booking mistakes.

2. Integration with booking platforms: The booking calendar, just like BedBooking, can be integrated with various booking platforms, such as Booking.com, Airbnb or Expedia. Thanks to this, owners of accommodation facilities can synchronize reservations with various distribution channels and easily manage their offers.

3. Automation of communication with guests: The booking calendar allows you to automate communication with guests, thanks to which owners of accommodation facilities can save time and avoid mistakes resulting from sending messages manually. Features such as automatic booking confirmations or reminders about payment deadlines facilitate the management of the accommodation facility.

4. Finance monitoring: Thanks to BedBooking, owners of accommodation facilities can easily control the receipts and expenses related to running a business. This allows for better financial management and making the right investment decisions.

The booking calendar on the website makes bookings for guests easy. Photo added by Darren Lawrence

BedBooking booking calendar – how to start using it?

1. Go to https://bed-booking.com/ and set up a free account.

2. Configure BedBooking according to the needs of your accommodation facility by adding rooms, price list and settings.

3. Integrate the calendar with different booking platforms to synchronize bookings with different distribution channels.

4. Take advantage of the automatic communication with guests by setting appropriate message templates.

Reservation calendar – an essential tool for owners of accommodation facilities

A booking calendar, such as BedBooking, is an essential tool for owners of accommodation facilities that allows for effective booking management, integration with booking platforms and automation of communication with guests. By using the booking calendar, accommodation facility owners can save time and increase their work efficiency, which will contribute to the success of the accommodation industry. Start using BedBooking today and experience the benefits it will bring to your accommodation facility!



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