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Guest Safety: Best Practices for Apartment Rentals

Anyone running a business in the tourism industry knows that their duties don’t end with preparing the apartment and handing over the keys. In fact, these responsibilities seem to never end. However, this is a business for passionate people who love what they do and know how to do it well. If you’re one of those who own guesthouses or short-term rental apartments and you’re reading this article, you surely want to learn more about how to ensure optimal conditions for your guests, including safety. Welcome to the article.

More and more often, we choose apartments as our havens of peace during our travels. Far from the standard, hotel-like corridors, we feel like we can truly immerse ourselves in the culture and daily life of the local community. It’s no wonder that apartment rentals have become a trend that seems to grow stronger with each passing year. Have you ever thought about guest safety during such stays when deciding to enter the short-term rental business? Today, we want to take a closer look at this issue.

The world is full of adventures, but also surprises, which is why we pay increasing attention to ensuring guest safety. Our goal is to show you, dear hosts, a few practices that will help you make your guests’ stay not only memorable but above all safe. Take our advice on safe apartment rentals. Each paragraph is another step towards creating the perfect environment for your guests’ relaxation.

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Ensuring a safe environment – the basis for guest rest

Providing the right environment for guests is a key element in ensuring a successful, relaxing, and safe stay in a rented apartment. Choosing the right location for the apartment and its proper adaptation are the foundation of safety.

When purchasing an apartment for short-term rental, various factors should be taken into account, such as the level of crime in the area, the availability of emergency services, and the overall atmosphere and safety of the neighborhood. By choosing a safe location, we ensure our guests a peaceful sleep and a sense of security throughout their stay.

Another key element is proper locks and security measures. Solid locks on entrance doors and windows are essential to prevent break-in attempts. It’s also worth investing in additional security measures, such as alarm systems or video intercoms, which further increase guests’ sense of security. Thoroughly securing the apartment not only provides peace of mind but also confirms the owners’ commitment to ensuring safety.

Outdoor lighting is another important element of safety. Bright lighting around the building and on stairwells or parking lots deters potential intruders and allows guests to move around the area at night. Well-lit outdoor spaces provide an additional level of security, minimizing the risk of accidents and increasing visibility in case of any incidents.

Monitoring is an integral part of ensuring safety nowadays. Cameras monitoring the area around the apartment can be an effective form of prevention and facilitate the identification of potential perpetrators in case of incidents. Access to online monitoring also allows hosts to react quickly in case of suspicious behavior or emergency situations.

All these actions aim to ensure guests a peaceful and safe stay, which is crucial for their full comfort and satisfaction with the chosen apartment. A safe environment builds positive experiences and relationships with customers, so it’s worth investing in appropriate security measures.

Regular inspections and maintenance of rental apartments

Above, we discussed the external safety of the apartment. These are basics that should be taken into account at the very beginning of short-term rental activity. However, to ensure complete safety and comfort for our guests, it is also necessary to regularly inspect and maintain the apartments. Attention to every detail, from safety equipment to the cleanliness of the surroundings, is crucial for ensuring a positive stay experience.

Regular inspections of safety equipment, such as smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and alarms, are the basis for protecting guests from potential hazards. Regularly checking the condition of these devices allows for the early detection of defects or problems, enabling their quick repair and minimizing the risk of safety incidents. In addition, regular testing of these devices gives guests the confidence that their safety is a priority for the hosts.

Cleanliness also has a direct impact on guests’ health, comfort, and safety. Maintaining cleanliness and order in the area around the apartment, as well as inside, is the duty of every good tenant. A clean and tidy environment not only creates a pleasant atmosphere but also reduces the risk of potential hazards, such as slips or falls. Regular cleaning and maintenance of the area around the apartment also allow for the quick detection of any problems, such as infrastructure damage or the presence of pests, enabling prompt intervention and minimizing the risk of impacting guests’ comfort. Similarly, inspecting equipment inside the apartment: washing machine, refrigerator, plumbing. It is extremely important to maintain consistency in caring for the equipment offered to guests.

You will quickly notice that regular inspections and maintenance of apartments not only contribute to ensuring guests’ safety but can also positively affect the reputation of our property on the market. It’s worth investing time and effort into regular maintenance and upkeep of apartments to provide our guests with unforgettable experiences and a sense of security during their stay.

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Check who you host, it’s your right

It’s not shameful or abusive to check who we’re hosting. After all, we’re sharing our property to provide optimal comfort and the possibility of a “peaceful sleep.” We want that too. Many short-term rental apartment hosts use internet platforms such as Airbnb or Booking.com, which offer guest identity verification options. They work by requiring guests to confirm their identity by sending a scan of their identity document and additional information, such as a phone number or email address, when making a reservation. This way, hosts can be sure they are renting their apartment to people with verified personal data. The internet is also a treasure trove of knowledge where we can find a lot of additional information if needed or if any doubts arise.

Verifying reservations and guest identification before check-in is another important step in ensuring safety. Hosts should ensure that the person checking into the apartment is the same person who made the reservation. This can be done by requesting identification and comparing the information provided with the information available on the booking platform. Additionally, hosts may require guests to provide additional information, such as travel plans or contact details of accompanying persons.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Should short-term rental apartment owners complete a first aid course?

Short-term rental apartment owners can significantly increase the level of their guests’ safety by completing a first aid course. Similarly, training staff. Having this knowledge enables quick and effective response in case of emergencies or emergency situations, which can minimize the risk of serious injuries or even save lives. Although a first aid course is not a legal requirement, it is a worthwhile investment in ensuring guests’ safety and raising the standard of service.

Guest accident on the apartment premises – who is responsible?

In the event of a guest accident on the apartment premises, liability may be assessed differently depending on the circumstances of the incident and the applicable legal regulations. In general, the apartment host may bear partial responsibility for ensuring safety and adequate accommodation conditions. However, in case of any legal disputes, the final assessment of liability will depend on various factors, such as the technical condition of the apartment, actions taken by the host to ensure safety, and any neglect or errors committed by the guest themselves. The rental agreement signed by the guest can be very helpful in any legal disputes.

Is it worth having a rental agreement in short-term rental properties?

Having a rental agreement in short-term rental properties is very important for several reasons. Firstly, the agreement allows to clearly define the rules for using the apartment and the rights and obligations of both the host and the guests. Secondly, the agreement may contain clauses regarding safety, emergency procedures, or rules for using equipment and infrastructure in the apartment. Finally, the agreement can also be an important document in case of any disputes or situations where it will be necessary to clarify the applicable rules and regulations. Therefore, it is worth having a clear and transparent agreement that will serve as the basis for the harmonious and safe operation of the rented apartment.

How to ensure guests’ safety in short-term rentals?

It is worth sending guests a welcome message containing detailed instructions for check-in, using equipment in the apartment, and emergency procedures. This is the first step in building a positive relationship and ensuring guests’ safety from the very beginning of their stay.

Guests greatly appreciate in their reviews the availability of hosts by phone or communication platform. Providing guests with the opportunity to contact the host at any time is crucial for ensuring safety. It is worth providing a phone number or communication platform through which guests can quickly and easily contact in case of any questions, doubts, or urgent situations.

Providing guests with information about the local area, including safe walking areas, emergency points, and emergency service numbers, can also help increase their sense of security during their stay.

Response to reports and emergencies. In the event of receiving a report of any malfunction, incident, or safety issue, it is necessary to react quickly and take appropriate actions to resolve the situation. Ensuring guests that their reports are taken seriously and that immediate actions are taken strengthens trust and a sense of security.

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