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08/05/2024 | by BedBooking

How to Organize Unforgettable Holidays? Exploring Extraordinary Accommodations

Finding the perfect place to stay is a key element in planning successful vacations. What’s more, it can become the highlight of a memorable getaway. In today’s world, with the multitude of options available and the ease of travel, travelers seek more than just standard hotels or apartments. They want to experience something unique, something that will leave a lasting impression. That’s why unconventional accommodation options, offering unique travel experiences, are becoming increasingly popular. From treehouses to lighthouses, from caves to train carriages, or recreations of places from literature and film – the possibilities are as diverse as the property owners offering rentals.

Choosing such unconventional accommodation can be crucial for creating unforgettable holidays because it allows for immersion in local culture, discovering new perspectives, and experiencing nature in ways previously unknown to us. Stepping into an unusual environment allows travelers to break away from the routine of everyday life and experience something exceptional. Therefore, the importance of choosing unconventional accommodations is becoming increasingly significant for those who desire to have unique and unforgettable vacations. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at various accommodation options and share tips on how to enhance your short-term rental apartment to make it more attractive to guests. Whether you’re just planning your short-term rental business or already operating in the market, explore the options creativity offers in the tourism industry.

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The Diversity of Extraordinary Accommodation Options: Discovering the World of Unusual Lodging

Today, traveling is not just about changing your place of stay but also about exploring extraordinary corners of the world, discovering new experiences, and having adventures. For those who desire more than a standard hotel room, there is a whole spectrum of unconventional accommodation options that provide unique travel experiences. Let’s delve deeper into this fascinating world of unusual lodgings.

Treehouses: Height and a Sense of Seclusion

Treehouses are extraordinary accommodations that transport us into the world of childhood dreams and adventures. Rising high in the treetops, they offer not only a unique view of the surrounding nature but also unforgettable experiences associated with a sense of seclusion and closeness to nature. Their location makes us feel like we’re on top of the world, harmoniously connected with nature, observing life from an entirely new perspective.

Floating Homes, Boats, Stylish Ships – Something for Sea Enthusiasts

Offering guests floating homes is not just about providing accommodation; it’s about offering extraordinary travel experiences. Especially for those who love being close to the water. Short-term rental properties located on the water’s surface – floating homes – offer not only a comfortable sleep but also unforgettable views and a unique atmosphere. Floating homes symbolize luxury and romance, and their exceptional location makes us feel like we’re at the end of the world.

Sleeping aboard a boat sounds exceptional, even if it’s a replica of a pirate or Viking ship and even if it’s permanently moored to the shore. The sensation of rocking on the waves and the sound of water beneath the hull make staying on a boat incredibly relaxing and rejuvenating. Ships are also popular accommodations on water, especially during luxury cruises or expedition trips. Their lavish furnishings and high standards make traveling on them an unforgettable experience. Whether it’s floating homes, boats, or ships, they offer us the opportunity to spend time outdoors, close to nature, allowing us to break away from everyday life.

Places Inspired by Literature and Film: Fantasy in the Real World

Many owners of short-term rental apartments have their additional passions, often visible in their accommodations through modest additions typical of literary works or films. There are also places completely detached from reality, like burrows integrated into the earth, imitating the “Shire” inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings.” Staying in such places, travelers can feel like inhabitants of Middle-earth and visit locations known from books and films about the Lord of the Rings.

Glamping, or Luxury Camping

Glamping and spherical tents are increasingly popular accommodation options that attract travelers with their uniqueness and comfort. Combining hotel comfort with closeness to nature makes it an ideal option for travel lovers who don’t necessarily want to forgo luxury. Thanks to glamping, you can relax in beautiful natural surroundings, enjoying full comfort and amenities. Spherical tents, on the other hand, are extraordinary structures that provide a panoramic view of the surrounding nature. Their unique shape attracts travelers from all over the world, eager to experience something completely different.

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How to Distinguish Your Short-Term Rental Apartment?

Surely, halfway through this article, this question has crossed your mind, and rightfully so. In a competitive world, especially in the tourism industry, there’s a saying, “stand out or fade away.” This doesn’t necessarily mean going all out and transforming your apartment into Alice’s rabbit hole in Wonderland. Simply taking care of details that can attract tourists or at least convince them that your apartment is the right choice can make a difference. How do you do that? How do you distinguish your short-term rental property? Below are a few suggestions, unconventional ideas, to make your place memorable for guests.

Art Gallery at Hand:

Original paintings, sculptures, and other artworks can add a unique character to your short-term rental property. Create your own art gallery where guests can admire unique pieces, making them feel like they’re in a small museum. Quality reproductions of paintings or unusual sculptures placed throughout the property will surely be appreciated by art-loving tourists.

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Space for Four-Legged Friends:

Pets are important family members, so special amenities for them can make your property appreciated by animal lovers. An apartment for cat lovers with toys and scratching posts, where cats can play and relax, will surely attract the attention of many renters.

Space for Little Ones:

Families traveling with children will be delighted by a kids’ room in the apartment. Let it be a place full of colors, toys, and inspiring details. Additionally, a chalkboard wall can be a great attraction for kids, making their time in the short-term rental property more enjoyable.

Music for Souls:

For music lovers looking for a rental apartment, a tempting collection of records and a record player will be enticing. Let them immerse themselves in a magical world of sounds, where each record is a journey through different eras and musical genres. Let music become an integral part of their stay, adding an unforgettable atmosphere.

Home Cinema for Movie Buffs:

For those who love spending evenings watching movies, special sound systems and high-quality home theaters are a real treat. Create a space where they can immerse themselves in their favorite productions and feel like they’re in a real cinema. Maybe a projector? Perhaps another unconventional video player?

Choosing extraordinary accommodation options for tourists is not only a way to sleep in unusual places but also an opportunity to have unforgettable vacations that will stay in travelers’ memories forever. If you have a passion you can share with your guests, don’t hesitate. It’s your best advertisement and distinction among other offers on the market.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Can an overly original decor deter tourists from renting my apartment?

An original decor can be both an asset and a potential deterrent, depending on the tastes and preferences of potential guests. It’s worth considering whether the chosen interior style matches the character of the location and the target group to which you’re directing your offer. If you’re confident that the original decor reflects the unique character of your property and will attract the right group of people, it can be a great asset. However, if you’re unsure, it’s worth opting for a neutral decor that will appeal to a larger number of guests.

Are original rental apartments more expensive than ordinary ones?

Original apartments can be priced both higher and lower than those with standard furnishings, depending on many factors such as location, size, quality of finish, availability of amenities, or the overall experience they offer. If the original decor and additional amenities are well suited to the expectations and needs of potential guests, they can make the property more attractive and consequently more valuable. However, it’s essential to remember that the rental price should always be in proportion to the amenities and standard of the property.

Is it worth investing in expensive additions to a short-term rental apartment?

Investing in expensive additions to an apartment can be profitable if they contribute to improving the comfort and attractiveness of the property for potential guests. However, it’s essential to conduct market analysis to ensure that this investment makes economic sense. If these additions attract more guests or allow you to set a higher rental price, they can quickly pay off and bring additional income. It’s also essential to remember to properly maintain and preserve expensive additions to maintain their value and attractiveness to guests.

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