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18/08/2023 | by BedBooking

What will the 2023 holiday season be like? Forecasts for the tourism industry and the role of the channel manager

Manage bookings and availability with a channel manager

Holidays are a magical time that we look forward to, dreaming of relaxation, adventures and unforgettable moments. After a long period of restrictions and uncertainty, the 2023 holiday season promises to be truly unique for the travel industry. However, in order to enter this period with full confidence, owners of hotels, guesthouses and other tourist facilities must ensure proper booking management. This is where the channel manager comes in handy – a tool that can change the entire tourism industry.

Traveling during the holidays is also looking for accommodation in a good place. Photo added by Nextvoyage

The importance of a channel manager for online visibility

Nowadays, most travelers use the internet to find their dream vacation spot. This, in turn, leads to increased competition in the tourism industry. To attract the attention of customers, it is essential to be visible on the right sales channels. Where to advertise your accommodation?

Manage bookings and availability with a channel manager

Channel manager is undoubtedly an indispensable tool that allows you to manage bookings and availability in many different sales channels. Thanks to it, owners of hotels, guesthouses and other facilities can easily update information about available rooms, prices, special offers and other details, and all changes automatically synchronize across all related platforms.

The importance of a channel manager for effective management in the 2023 holiday season

The 2023 holiday season brings with it an even bigger role as a channel manager. The increase in the number of tourists brings greater challenges to managing reservations. When travelers search for their dream accommodation, they expect immediate information about availability and current prices. In such a situation, manual management of various sales channels becomes cumbersome and time-consuming. Therefore, a channel manager is an essential tool for any property owner who wants to stay competitive in the industry.

Benefits of using a channel manager in the 2023 holiday season

Availability data update automation

Thanks to the channel manager, owners of tourist facilities can save time and avoid the risk of errors when updating information about availability. Automatic data synchronization eliminates the need to manually make changes in each sales channel.

Traveling independently and booking accommodation in the nearest accommodation facilities. Photo added by Rachel Claire

Adjusting the offer to current market conditions

What’s more, the ability to manage prices and special offers allows you to adjust your sales strategy to current market conditions. The analysis of data generated by the channel manager provides valuable information about customer preferences, which allows for better tailoring of the offer and personalization to their individual needs.


The 2023 holiday season, which is a reconstruction of the tourism industry after a difficult period, becomes an excellent opportunity to use the full potential of a channel manager. Thanks to it, it is possible to manage reservations more efficiently, increase visibility on the Internet and attract more guests. Regardless of whether you run a charming guest house by the sea or a luxury hotel in the mountains, the channel manager becomes the key to success in the 2023 holiday season, opening the door to holiday guests in your accommodation facility.

Holiday travel is a time to rest but also to visit interesting places with a nice accommodation base. Photo added by Pixabay

Additionally, if you are interested in trying the BedBooking system, you can download a free trial version of the calendar application. The trial version allows you to use the full functionality of the system for a period of 30 days. This is a great opportunity to get acquainted with all the possibilities and see how BedBooking can improve the management of your accommodation facilities.

After the trial period ends, you can choose the subscription plan that best suits your needs. The prices for using the BedBooking booking calendar depend on the selected plan and the number of managed facilities. For detailed information on prices, it is worth checking the price list available on the official BedBooking website at https://bed-booking.com/pl/cennik/.

Using the BedBooking calendar application is an investment in effective booking management and increasing work efficiency. Thanks to the multiproperty system, integration with Booking.com and the channel manager function, you can optimize the booking process and gain more control over your accommodation facilities. Download the BedBooking trial version and see what benefits it can bring to your business.



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