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12/12/2022 | by BedBooking

Say goodbye to old functionalities

On January 24, 2023, we are disabling the old BedBooking functionalities:

  1. old connection via iCalendar, 
  2. old price list for accommodation services, 
  3. old Reservation System,
  4. the old connection to Booking.com.

Therefore, if you have been using any of these modules until now, you should move to the new functionalities by January 24. This article will explain to you why it’s important and why you should take care of it now.

The last two years have been full of changes for the BedBooking app

BedBooking has been serving you for 8 years and used to be a simple booking calendar for mobile devices. However, the development of new technologies has allowed us to fit so many additional options that we have grown from an inconspicuous app to a mature and complete tool for accommodation owners. We have worked hard to ensure that the app meets the requirements of hosts from all over the world and can compete with the most advanced solutions on the market. 

When designing the app’s functionalities, we rely heavily on consultations with users. We don’t take the easy way out and take on the biggest challenges, even though they sometimes require rebuilding our entire system. This, in turn, means that in order to maintain the highest standards of performance, accessibility, competitive pricing and application security, we cannot maintain two versions of the system. 

We know that some of the hosts are still using the old modules in their work, although many customers regularly ask to switch to a new version of the system. We have made the decision that on January 24, 2023 all users will lose access to the old functionality – we will support only one version of the BedBooking application. This means that the coming weeks are the last chance for a smooth migration to the new system version.

What’s next?

Today – we have provided you with a new version of functionalities (modules) in the BedBooking system to configure your settings. Be sure to check what functionality you use and how to adjust to the new version…

January 24, 2023 – we are disabling the old BedBooking functionality. 

Old connection to sales portals via iCalendar

BedBooking allows connection to multiple OTA portals simultaneously via iCalendar. The old functionality, which enables integration, required Google Calendar as an intermediary – the user had to generate the links himself, which required manually clicking through each calendar. When the Google Calendar service was unavailable, availability on OTA services was not updated.

The new solution no longer requires the intermediation of the Google Calendar service, and all links are generated automatically by BedBooking. The setup is easy and, in addition, it provides a direct link between the OTA service and BedBooking. 

See the full comparison.

How do I check if I am using the old solution?

Currently, both connection options are available at BedBooking. Check which solution you are using:

connecrin to icalendar update
How to tell the difference between connecting iCalendar with and without Google Calendar.

If you still have any questions – contact our support team.

What are the consequences of not switching to the new connection?

If the host does not switch from the old iCalendar connection with Google Calendar to the new one on January 24, 2023, room availability will no longer be updated on sales portals. The host will be subject to overbooking. 

Old price list for accommodation services

The accommodation price list is linked to automatic calculation of the accommodation price, a connection to Booking.com and a new Reservation System. The old price list had three main problems: labor-intensive setup for the user and a problem with displaying correctly on mobile devices. At the same time, the settings were not very flexible. When designing the new functionality, we did our best to give you back a module that solves these as well as many other problems.

See the full comparison.

How do I check if I am using the old price list?

If you see the “Edit” button in the menu under Price list, you are using the old price list.
If you do not see the “Edit” button in the menu under Price list, it means that you are using a new price list. To access it, you use the “Set prices” and “Configuration” buttons

new price list update
Configuration of the new BedBooking price list.

If you have any questions – contact our support team.

What are the consequences of not switching to the new price list?

If you do not switch to the new price list, including its configuration, setting prices and not activating on January 24, 2023, the prices in the reservation form will stop calculating automatically, the accommodation offer in Booking.com will not be available and you will lose the ability to view the old prices.

Old Reservation System

The old Reservation System 1.0. was a solution that was created many years ago and at the time took advantage of the technological capabilities present at the time. Today, however, it is a relic of the past that the BedBooking team wants to say goodbye to. First of all, the share of mobile devices among Internet users has definitely grown over the years, and the old system displays poorly on phones and tablets. In 2021, in response to the changing needs of the market, we created Reservation System 2.0, which is a complete tool with expanded capabilities, solving the problems of the old solution. In addition, a dedicated WordPress plug-in was created.

See the full comparison.

How do I check if I’m using the old reservation system?

Compare the design of the reservation system that appears on your website:

new reservation system update
Old reservation system / Reservation system 2.0

If you have any questions – contact our support team.

What are the consequences of not switching to the new Reservation System?

On January 24, 2023, you will lose access to the configuration window of the old Reservation System, and the old widgets will disappear from the pages of accommodation facilities. Reservations that were made through the old widget and are in your calendar will not disappear.

Former connection to Booking.com

The old system for connecting a BedBooking account to Booking.com was very difficult to set up. Indicating BedBooking as a Channel Manager was done manually, and the ability to link multiple BedBooking rooms to a single Booking.com room was missing. We simplified the process as much as our partner allowed.

See the full comparison.

Booking.com connection update
New connection with Booking.com

How do I check if I’m using an old Booking.com connection?

If you are using the old accommodation services Price List (check the old accommodation services Price List section) then you are also using the old Booking.com connection. If you have the new accommodation services Price List configured then you do not need to take any action.

If you still have any questions – contact our support team.

What are the consequences of not switching to a new connection with Booking.com?

If you do not switch to the new connection, your listing on Booking.com will be unavailable for sale or obsolete. The activation of the new price list will take place on its own on January 24, 2023, and from that moment on, the new prices will apply across the BedBooking ecosystem. Various notification errors may occur.


As you can probably see, January 24, 2023 is an important date with many implications. That’s why we’re letting you know now, so that you can calmly plan your eventual migration and give you peace of mind that, if anything happens, our support team will support you throughout the process. Perform these steps as soon as possible so that you are ready for the changes.

Say goodbye to your old functionalities with us!

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